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Fast Repair Process

We understand that your personal computer has become an essential part of your financial and entertainment life and is likely your key source of communications. When you have a problem, you want someone who understands your personal dilemma and can meet your needs. Whether we perform the repairs ourselves or need to bring in outside help, we will always strive to address your needs as if you were family.

It is so easy to inadvertently respond to a very safe looking email only to find out you’ve exposed your computer to a malicious entity. There is no feeling like this and you immediately feel like a fool. Well, thousands of people fall into the same trap daily. The difference in how they recover depends on who they know. As long as the guy you know is MyPCGuy, your troubles end right after you reach out to us. Nobody will get you safe and functional faster than we will. Because you have contracted us, you have insulated yourself from someone taking advantage of the situation you’re in. Good for you that you know the right guy.

Professional Technicians

I have been in the Information Technology business as a professional for more than 25 years and have learned to identify corporate best practices. I have applied what I have learned to the personal technology market segment and know who I need on my team. Technology needs are broad, so access to a wide range of specialists is what makes our personal technology business go. We have certified web designers, security experts, hardware and software support staff and telephony experts. We target personal clients and small owner operated businesses that have the need but not the budget and leverage our staff to their advantage. If we don’t have the expert, we will find them, vet them and put them on the job quickly.

Handing a device over to a stranger and hoping that it will come back to you done right and done promptly is a scary thing. When you hand me a problem, I have the right resource to address it now. We have a pool of extremely knowledgeable techs with decades of collective experience. I take the guesswork out of troubleshooting and match your problem with the right solution. No worries, problem addressed.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

The goal of MyPCGuy is to build a group of happy and satisfied users who are happy to spread the word about the level of attention they receive from us. The best advertising, we can have is a satisfied customer. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on everything we do, from annual fees to any of the additional services we offer. We will stay on a job until you are ready to sign off as a satisfied customer. If you are not happy with any work done by any one of us, I expect you to call me personally so that I can address the issue. I have spent too many sleepless nights solving problems or meeting deadlines, and it’s the only way I know. See how MyPCGuy treats you and you’ll always be part of our family. I personally guarantee that!

Those of you who know me personally know that I am a perfectionist. Some of you actually get annoyed over it. This is a standard that I set years ago and vow not to deviate from my path. I treat your problems like my problems and do not rest until it is resolved and done the right way. There is only good, not “just good enough”. Resolution instead of compromise leads to happy customers. Happy customers lead to growth for my business. Growth for my business means I get to bring more to the table for my customers.

The way that technology impacts our lives today is amazing. The way it will impact our lives 10 years from now is unimaginable. How do you think you’ll fare without someone on your technical team that is dedicated to your personal technology and security? Better to ask and answer that question now rather than wait for the future to force you to scramble.

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